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- Let us do your tasks at a low price

We’re a company based in Cyprus, established in 2012, that offers you the expertise of one of our talented online marketing project managers who will be assigned to you and also put to work our skilled employees at a significantly lower price than you usually get.

You get access to talented people - at a much more affordable rate

Our head office is in the capital of Nicosia, Cyprus. We also have a satellite office in Copenhagen, Denmark. We mainly help European entrepreneurs and companies gain greater success in their online businesses, which covers everything from online strategies to geeky search engine optimization.

With Anykii you’ll get an online marketing project manager at a fixed hourly rate, who coordinates everything for you and makes use of our super talented (and affordable) employees. If there is a task we can get cheaper or better outside our offices, then we use our network of freelancers in Cyprus and across the globe.

We provide you with professional project management of your tasks as well as the execution of them. We always have the skills you need, in order for you to focus on your core business.

Our inexpensive pricing!

Our great team of experts


Hourly price from excluding VAT

An example

If you want to have a new web page made with text and brilliant graphics, then you’ll email your project manager with thoughts and ideas.

Your project manager estimates whether or not it’s most efficient for him/her to build the web page, while one of our graphic designers would be in charge of graphics.

You get an email back from your project manager with an estimate of spending 30 minutes on your project and the graphic designer spending 45 minutes. You’ll then approve before getting started.

Your price will be:

Project manager: 0.5 hour x €25 per hour = €12.50
Graphic designer: 0.75 hour x €25 per hour = €18.75
Your total price = €31.25

Your project manager will always find the best solutions based on price and skill.

We can help you with this

Project management and development of the overall online strategy for your business and the actual execution of it.
Web hosting, domains, email setup, phone numbers and systems, online chat and all the technical setup.
Creation and maintenance of your WordPress website, graphic templates, plugins and we’ll make sure it’s all error free.
Creation and design of your webshop with payment solutions and handling of your orders if needed.
Search engine optimization of your webpages so they will be visible in e.g. Google with monitoring of your website and your competitors.
Email marketing in Campaign Monitor and MailChimp with auto flows and popups on your website.
Handling and monitoring of your social media company pages on e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Online advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google AdWords and retargeting with AdRoll.
Conversion optimisation of your website and online ads for you to get more enquiries, signups and/or sales.
Graphic design for your website, social media, logos, ads, presentations, magazines, brochures, etc.
Email customer service, proofreading, translation, book publishing, research and secretarial tasks.

We can also provide you with the following

Accounting and auditing where you simply email in your bills – everything else is taken care of.
Copywriting and text nerds who do magic with words and sales text in just the right way.
Programming in php, dot-net and mobile apps in case you need something specially developed.
Planning, promotion and total handling of events all around Europe and abroad.
If there’s a special skill you need we’ll find the right people for the job.

This is how you get started


Simply sign up and coordinate with your project manager what skills you need for your projects.

Depending on the skills you need we’ll find the best people who best matches your business and needs.


You can then book your brainstorming session at a time that fits your schedule. Conversations are available over the phone or on Skype.

During the call you’ll figure out exactly which tasks need to be prioritized, and how we can help you in the most efficient way possible.


When you call or email a task to your project manager, the task will be estimated as to how it can be done in the quickest, best and cheapest way possible.

You’ll get an estimate for time and price – which you’ll approve before getting started.

Getting in touch with us

Anykii Cyprus Limited
Petrou Iliadi 5, Office 101
2015 Nicosia

Phone: +357 22022670
VAT no: CY10312399U
Bank: Hellenic Bank Cyprus
IBAN: CY27005001400001400164933501

Anykii Denmark ApS
Myggenæsgade 7
2300 Copenhagen

Phone: +45 89883350
VAT no: DK36502479
Bank: Hellenic Bank Cyprus
IBAN: CY03005001400001400173057101